Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#HumpDayHaikus in Optimistic October

I can't believe it's already October! This year is just flying by.

I've been itching for the scavenger hunt/pirate ship theme. And to draw a kraken so it looks like the stars aligned on this one.

Oct. 7:

Friday, October 2, 2015

Inktober 2015: Week 1

So what I have found out from the Hump Day Haiku project is that I enjoy drawing.

When I stumbled across @monterteaparty's inktober list, which is all about Halloween (my favorite holiday), I had to jump on board.

I have missed drawing minions, so in addition to the Halloween theme, all these drawings will be related to my favorite banana eating twinkies with big eyes and overalls.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy drawing!

Oct 1: Trick or Treat

Oct 2: Spider 

Oct 3: Monster

Oct 4: Enchanted

Oct 5: Owl

Oct 6th: Zombie

Oct 7th: Mask

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

#HumpDayHaiku in Serendipitous September

September 2nd:

Socal has been experiencing a heat wave for a few weeks. It's finally starting to cool down and has even been overcast for a few days. Here's my version of a "rain dance" plea:

Bring on some showers!

And because I'm a bit of a Nerd, I drew the moon to reflect its phase tonight: a waning gibbous.  ��

September 9th:

Today is Teddy Bear Day! I was thinking about what to draw for this week's #humpdayhaiku when I remembered this art exhibit I saw in San Diego in 2009. The. 1000 Teddies project. Philipp Jordan is the German artist that created it and I thought I'd pay tribute to him for it since you'll see that I borrowed his idea, just in a different medium. Looks like he has a new project on display:

In any case, I took a couple dozen pictures and decided to use that as the basis of my haiku since it's Teddy Bear Day.

Here's a photo from that exhibit:

And here's my haiku:

September 16th:

I'm a self proclaimed sunset chaser.  I go to the beach to catch the sunset as often as I can. Lately the waves have been huge, and surfers are out on droves. They inspired this week's #humpdayhaiku

September 23rd:

The heat wave has yet to subside but it's officially the first day of fall! Here's hoping that we get some cooler weather soon.

September 30th:

Beantown is my home away from home after I spent two short years here during grad school at BU.

Here I attempted to merge a few of Boston's icons, the Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge and the Public Garden ducks.

I could probably write a ton of haikus for this city, because it's awesome and there is so much to it!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

#HumpDayHaiku in amiable August

August 5th:

I used to go sailing all summer long for the Beer Can Races in San Diego once upon a time. Those days bring back fond memories.

August 12th:

Today is World Elephant Day! I found that I like drawing these lovely animals. When I saw them at the Smithsonian National Zoo, I could have watched them for hours.

August 19th:

Last week we tried to see the meteor shower. At 1am we drove over 30 miles to get away from the city to try to get a good view.

After an hour we didn't see anything so we gave up and went home. Funny thing though... After we parked the car, we kept our eye on the sky as we walked to our place and BAM, a shooting star!

Like the alchemist, we found what we were looking for right outside our door. Lol

That kinda inspired this one.

August 26th:

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love photography. I kind of claim to be a sun chaser because I take so many pictures of sunsets.

In grad school I was one of about 4 of us who was always with camera in hand,  capturing moments, both posed and candid. ��

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

#HumpDayHaiku in Jubilant July

July 1st:

I've been looking for a way to incorporate unicorns and rainbows in one of my haikus. I often get inspiration through instagram and @fattywhale provided it.

Also, last week's events also inspired this. How awesome that marriage equality was recognized in all 50 states. I find  that to be ridiculously awesome. #LoveWins

July 8th:

When I was a kid I used to catch lightning bugs and put them in jars. Not the nicest thing to do to them but it seemed like an awesome idea at the time. They are some of the coolest bugs ever!

July 15th:

I got a full size keyboard with weighted keys. I'm going to try the self teaching method and see where it takes me. 

In the meantime, here's my ode to pianos... 

July 22nd :

I decided on creating two haikus this week. Considering the topics, you may label me a nerd. I'm ok with that.

When I started writing the dates in the day:month:year format, I really liked it. So that makes today Pi Approximation Day!

I also was tickled that the new images of Pluto show a �� heart shape. ��

So here that went:

July 29th:

For my brother's 40th, I decided to buy him plane tickets for the "let's take a trip" trip we often talked about but never planned, until recently.  We are heading to Seattle to visit our cousin for the weekend. Yay for follow through! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

#HumpDayHaiku in jovial June

June 3rd:

The other day I saw the word "phantasmagorical" for the first time and fell in love with it. I had to find a way to work it in to my haiku so here that went:


June 10th:

I tried to create a waterfall here. I don't think I captured it the way I was hoping,  as the background doesn't quite work for me. Maybe I'll update it later when I know I have a better vision of what it should look like. 

June 17th:

I tried a few different versions of this and took a poll of which I should go with. Who am I kidding though? I posted the one I like best on Instagram and here I'll put up both. So much for democracy.

I think I prefer stronger colors. So soon I'll have to find a different medium.

June 24th:

Everytime I pass by a shaded area with a breeze,  I think to myself, "what a great place for a hammock!" It used to be limited to areas that has trees but since I'm not in the woods as much, almost any shaded area (with a breeze) will do!