Saturday, October 25, 2014

A simple plan...

I found out not too long ago that I have a fellow inspiring writer in the midsts of all the craziness at work. :)

I have a few friends that are quite creative, and I constantly draw inspiration from them.

I think all of us have a creative side, with stories filled with imaginary friends and adventures that we might fondly remember from our childhood and maybe into adulthood. I know for me, as the years have passed, my thinking has become linear and anchored in my perception of reality. (How dull!)

I have fond memories of writing ridiculously long "plays" that had an abundance of princesses and princes, dragons and what not. (Yet still I had a strong aversion to the color pink...)
Some of my inspirations

Lately, I have found that I have a ton of half written stories, but nothing "blog ready" yet.

After talking to my colleague, we discovered that we are bursting from the seems about the idea of writing, but are always in planning mode. So much thinking, but not enough writing!

To help motivate me, she sent me a simple writing exercises from Writer's Digest. So, here I go!

Day 1: Write 10 potential book titles you'd like to write.

I'm  a bit vulnerable here... I usually hate my ideas, and don't share anything I'm concerned about being judged on, but nothing great ever came out of staying in your comfort zone...

1. Wanderlust
2. All the Me's I have been
3. The Art of Falling
4. A Life Less Ordinary (yeah, I know, it's a movie...)
5. The Dreambox
6.  One More 
7. The Guild
8. Follow that lemming!
9. The OtherSide
10. The Journey

Ok, So nothing Earth shattering, but for me... this has been thought provoking. These are vague for a reason, but as I thought through this exercise, I attached short summaries of what some of these might become (in my head, not sharing that! Too soon!).

Friday, September 26, 2014

Doodles on the whiteboard

Just having some fun on the whiteboard...

Minion Gallery

Batminion (quick sketch)

Wonder Wominion

Wolverinion and Capt'n Minionmerica

Minions in Black

Black Widow

Green Lantern

Random cartoon fun 

Snoopy & Woodstock

Benny the Ball

Heat Miser
For my boss, who is going into retirement...
Gizmo duck

Sunday, August 24, 2014

#SantaBarbara #Pictures #Scenery

Recently, I found that I'll be leaving Santa Barbara in the not-so-distant future.

It's truly a beautiful place and even though it took more time than I'd like to admit, it has started to grow on me.

Scenes from East Beach:

Evening shot of the Pier on the 4th of July

Love these clouds
One of the few rainy days
Walking back from the Farmer's Market

East Beach
Mountain View
On the Pier

Funk Zone Art:
A cool version of Mickey the Mouse

Beautiful chalk art from the I'Madonnari Festival at the Mission

Sneaky sneaky now...

Friday, June 6, 2014

Your workplace has a "X days since last accident" sign. One day, it gets reset, and nobody will tell you why.

Today started out like pretty much any other day. 

I woke up 2 minutes before my alarm, got dressed, had my breakfast and went to work.

When I arrived, I methodically punched my timecard and went to my work station. I put on my gear and started hand painting my portion of the zagets, like I do 6 days a week, like I've done for the last 14 months. 

Each day, I pass by the sign, "X days since last accident". Last I checked it read "443 days" and was pretty happy that nothing had happened since even before I started working there. 

Zaget assembly was a tough and tedious job. There were 24 stations, most manned by 4 people. Most of the big parts were assembled by robotic arms, but my job was to hand paint the logo and a few other details as the zaget passed on the assembly line. There were only 2 people at my station. Me and Taylor. 

I have to admit, I wasn't too liked here. I have always been a little socially awkward and when I tried to befriend people, it just wouldn't work out. I didn't mind too much. I enjoyed solitude and preferred to stay away from company gossip. Who cared who was dating who anyway? 

Taylor was pretty and popular. She already had a boyfriend and was always really nice when she had to turn down all her potential suitors.   People always came around to talk to her. She tried to include me, but no one else wanted to talk to me. Sometimes she and I would have pleasant conversations about our favorite superhero movie when no one else was around, but it wasn't too often. 

For the most part, the assembly line never stopped. We all took shifts and someone was always working. I was a little sad because I was hoping she and I could take a break together every once in a while since she was the only person who would talk to me.

It was time for lunch. I had my usual: turkey and cheese sandwich on rye with a little bit of mustard and green lettuce, a medium sized fuji apple and cran-grape juice. 

After my lunch break, I clocked back in. I glanced up at the sign again and saw that it now read "0 days since last accident". 

I don't care for drama, but I was very curious about what had happened. I headed back to my station and noticed that the assembly line stopped and everyone gathered in my area. 

"Taylor!" I thought. I hope she's ok!

I hurried over and tried to force my way through the crowd. I caught bits and pieces of conversation and tried to ask a few people what happened. 

"One of the robot arms went haywire..."

"...never saw it coming..."

Frantically, I continued to make my way to my station. Everyone was too wrapped up in themselves to even notice me.

"...died instantly..."

I finally got to my area.

There Taylor was, sitting in her usual spot, softly crying. I went up to her and touched her arm. My touch didn't register. It was like she couldn't feel it.

"Taylor, what's wrong? What happened?"

I looked up. The medics were placing a body on the stretcher.

"How odd," I thought, "those pants look like mine."

Then I realized... those were my pants. I was getting zipped up in that body bag.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A superhero is called to save the world - while he is on the toilet, with a bad case of the runs.

Writing Prompt #8 A superhero is called to save the world - while he is on the toilet, with a bad case of the runs.


"Gurgle gurgle gurgle" his stomach grumbled.

He had just finished two of his favorite California burritos; each with extra sour cream, guacamole, habanero sauce and extra fries from the local taco shop. He was ravenous, so even when it tasted a bit off, he devoured both of them anyway. It's hard work saving the world, a superhero's got to eat!

As, he was walking back to his apartment, a sharp pain formed in his gut. He got goosebumps and felt the familiar urgency that calls every so often when he tests if his stomach is made of steel.

Apparently it isn't today.

"Only a few more blocks, you got this" he said to himself as he picked up the pace.

He got to the door of his apartment building and fished out his keys. He could feel the pressure building, and of course, he dropped his keys. Slowly and steadily, he carefully bends his knees to pick them up. "No need to cause an embarrassing scene here," he thought.

Success! The door to the lobby opened.

"Thank goodness I live on the first floor!" he quietly said out load as he half walked, half jogged to his apartment. Another pain stabbed his gut. Taking a deep breath, he slowed down just a little because he knew that if he gets too anxious, he could drop his keys again and at this point, he felt like he was going to explode.

This time he was prepared with house key in hand, ready to put in the lock. No problems this time. Key in key hole, unlock, AWESOME!

The urgency turned into an emergency as he slammed the front door and made a mad dash to the toilet. He hastily unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and yanked down the zipper. He could feel his sphincter relaxing even though he willed it with all his might to keep it under control.

At last, he was on the throne, relaxing enough to let the contents of his bowels come out.

"Phew, that was a close one!" he thought to himself. He had barely been able to yank off his underwear and could honestly admit that he almost crapped his pants!

He looked down, "D'oh!" there was a bit on his pants after all. "No one will ever know of this, ever!"

Just then another huge pain wrenched his gut, making him double over.

The cramps took over and all he could do was close his eyes and keep pushing. Violent splashing erupted under him. When the pain subsided, the stench overwhelmed him and he reached behind him for a courtesy flush, even if it were just for him.

"I wonder if this in any way, shape or form resembles giving birth," he thought as he grunted and pushed. The pain was grueling, and unwavering. There was a blockage and the peristaltic movement was too slow for his liking. He hated it when this happened, why couldn't it just all come out in a steadily like his normal defecations?

As his cramps subsided, he heard a soft noise.


In his haste to relieve himself, he just carried everything into the bathroom with him.

He checked his personal cell. Nope, it wasn't that one.

"Oh NO!" he said aloud. It was his "in case of emergency the world is going to be destroyed!" phone and the President was on the line.

He knew that if he didn't take this, a catastrophic disaster could hit, but if he did... the pain in his stomach caused him to moan in pain as more chills came to him. If he did... who knows what would happen?

"I HAVE to answer this!" He said aloud. "The world is depending on me!"

His body was revolting, his bowels were ready to move, but the call made him anxious and gave him stage fright.

Briefly, he considered getting off the toilet to take the call.

As soon as the thought entered his mind, it left as he once more doubled over with a cramp that was worse than any before.

"Damn! Why did I courtesy flush?! There was already so much in there, it could have softened the splashes!"

Quickly, he wadded up a decent amount of toilet paper and dropped it in the bowl. He considered wiping, but in order to answer the phone he'd have to wash his hands and the sink was too far away.


Time was running out, he HAD to take it.

He selected the "answer call" icon on the phone.

"Black Phantom! We need your help!" the President exclaimed in a panicked voice.

"Madame President! How can I be of service?"

"Get on video STAT, I need to show you what's going on!"

Black Phantom hesitates, looks around to see if he can cover the toilet with a towel or something so it doesn't look so obvious that he's in the bathroom. He pulls one off the rack behind him and rearranges the other one to cover it and hopes that it blends into the background. He also reaches for his mask, which is always in his back pocket, as he has yet to reveal his true identity and he knew that this could potentially have many other viewers. Good thing he didn't stain this!

"Black Phantom, what's taking you so long? Don't you know this is a matter of the national security?!" the President barks, getting impatient by his lack of response. "What's going on?"

"Nothing, Madame President, I'm here." As he says this, he feels the build up of tension in his intestines. He's using all his will power to keep it in because he can tell. This one is a big one. He's on a video call with the President, he can see her Joint Chiefs of Staff and other personnel that he can't make out.

Half listening and half concentrating on maintaining control of his body, he focuses on the President's words and the visuals she's showing him. Anything to help him ignore desperation he was feeling. Behind the mask, a thin layer of sweat has coated him. He prayed that it would be over soon.

"Do you have any questions?"

"No Madame President. I understand."

"Good luck Black Phantom. The world is depending on you."

The call went on for 4 minutes and 39 seconds. Since he records these calls, he didn't have to worry about missing any important details because he could replay them on his way to his destination.

Relieved that the call is finally over, he drops the phone on his pants, he relaxes and lets loose. A projectile rush of defecation fills the toilet bowl as he lets out a loud and hard earned fart.

As his stomach finally calms down, he hears some muffled voices and reaches for the phone. He hesitates, but forces himself to reach for the phone. He thought he disconnected the call, but he was too distracted by the pain of holding in everything for so long.

He looks at it and sees that the President had left to attend other business (thank goodness!), but several of her staff members were still working on the logistics. Their mortified faces say it all.

"CRAP!" he says to himself; he forgot to disconnect the call.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I've been a bit slow on the story front, but in the meantime, I've come up with a series of haikus that start with "Sometimes". I'll be adding a few as I go, so check back every so often.

april 2014:

I've also decided to just add the text and when the time comes, if I feel like it, I'll add some illustrations to replace the words. :)

Sometimes empathy
is difficult to feel when
the guy is an ass

Sometimes I can see
someone else's perspective
is better than mine

Sometimes it's fun to
try to write haikus even
if they make no sense

Sometimes it's nice to
sit in the car and listen
to the raindrops fall

sometimes we try too
hard to impress those who don't
really matter much

sometimes you find out
what you thought was genuine
was an illusion

Sometimes a bath is
just what I need to relax
that, or a cocktail

Sometimes life does not
work out the way you wanted
sometimes, it's BETTER

march 2014:

Thursday, March 6, 2014

“I'm in love with cities I've never been to and people I've never met.” - John Green

So I've been AWOL because I've been traveling... For now, I have some pictures to share, but stories will follow soon...

Uluwatu Temple
Uluwatu Temple

Seminyak Beach

Taal Lake

Victoria's Peak

View from IFC 2

Hong Kong Skyline

Big Buddha