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#HumpDayHaiku de abril

It's been a while since I've drawn a minion. :)

April 1st:

April 8th:

April 15th:

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015

“If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment.” – Linda McCartney

My friend and I went to San Francisco last month. Photography is a big hobby of hers and she was awesome enough to teach me some stuff.

I don't have photoshop, which, from looking at these, it's pretty evident. But, we had a lot of fun. 

Coit Tower

We were on a mission. Before our self guided photography walking tour through the city, we wanted to have some dim sum. It was a challenging day. Using yelp, we found what we thought was a dim sum place that could be on our way to another picturesque locale, but when we got there, it looked like an American Diner that was trying something new. No thank you.

We then yelped "Dim Sum" again and based on knowing that we wanted to go to Fisherman's Wharf, we headed towards Dim Sum Club in Russian Hill. When we got there, we were hungry!
St. Peter and Paul Church

At that point, it was past noon, we'd walked more than twice the distance we expected, and I hadn't eaten anything. I was ready to just eat something even if it wasn't what we expected, then go somewhere else if need be.

Well, this particular post isn't about food. That will be in a different blog.

I'll just say that it was good, though.

We took off to the Wharf. It was relatively quiet there; probably because it was Wednesday afternoon and not crowded... At all. I have never seen it so dead.

My friend and I were a bit disappointed with ourselves, because even though we intended to leave room to eat at the Wharf, we were beyond stuffed from our brunch. We had even took off a few items off our dim sum list in hopes of accommodating. We were so BEYOND stuffed such that even the freshly steamed crab didn't even make our mouths water. Boy, what a bummer I don't have a second stomach!

Coit Tower
We took a few pictures around the area, but none of mine were decent enough to share in this post. The light just wasn't in our favor.

We decided to go to Coit Tower and climb the stairs to get some nice views of the City.

Along the way, we saw the St. Peter and Paul Church which is across the street from a park. When we started to cross the street to get a better angle, we saw that we weren't the only tourists that were appreciative of its beauty.

A few snaps here, a few there and then we resumed our walk to the tower.

When we got there, it was around 4pm. We took a few pictures around the base of the tower. Some of the Bay Bridge, some of Golden Gate, some of what we could see of the city. It was a hazy day, so we didn't get anything good there either.

When we tried to climb the stairs, we were told that the only way up was through the elevator. We passed. Part of this day was to get exercise and add as many steps to my friend's counter as possible. No elevators for these chicks, so all we could capture was the tower itself.  Darn.

Baker Beach

 One of my friends who lives in the Bay Area is always taking amazing pictures from Baker Beach.

Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach
I loved the idea of capturing Golden Gate from the beach, so I dragged my friend here so we could get some of our own pictures.

We were playing with our phones and taking selfies when I noticed...

If you get too close to the rocks, it becomes a nude beach. My friend was taking her selfie and I tried to subtly warn her.

"Ummm... why don't you wait a moment before taking that."

"Huh? Why?" she replied. I head nodded in the direction of which she was about to take a picture and  happily succeeded in stopping her before she captured an unexpected surprise. It was a close one though!

One particular gentleman seemed to be on a mission to photo bomb our pictures. When we climbed up some stairs to get a different angle, he laid spread eagle at the foot of the stairs.  Not cool, dude... not cool.

I was also very relieved that when I checked my pictures, I was in the clear too. Phew! Definitely didn't want to capture anything of *that* nature. Ahem.

Hooray for having patience and a little bit of luck!

Land's End

We had dinner at Mi Lindo Peru with a few friends that live in the area. They were asking us about what we were doing, and it boils down to this:
Land's End Trail
  1. Eating
  2. Walking
  3. Taking Pictures
Pretty much in that order.

When they heard this, one friend asked if we had gone to see the Labyrinth. After googling it, we decided to make it happen. 

We used Uber for the first time and were able to take advantage of their UberPool which makes each ride anywhere in SF $5. The only catch is that the driver may pick up additional riders (up to 2 max). 

No problem there, since taking the bus would take more than twice the amount of time and cost just $0.50 less. No brainer right?! Was pretty awesome!

Mile Rock Beach
We were dropped off at the trailhead and started on our way. It was still relatively early and we were able to capture some really fun shots.  

Most of the trail was in the shade, so I had a chance to play around with the manual settings to adjust the picture. 

There were so many interesting shots that we stopped practically every few feet. 

If you are ever in search of the Labyrinth, follow signs for "Mile Rock Beach". We saw the sign for it and kept going because we thought that it was further along the trail. So, we went merrily along our way, until we reached the golf course. No Labyrinth to be found. 

We checked our map and found that we completely missed the trail. Why? Because we didn't know that Mile Rock Beach is right next to it! As we walked back towards the way we came, my friend spotted the elusive Labyrinth below on the cliff. 

We went back to the trail and started the descent. There is a fork, and both lead to the Labyrinth. The direct path is the dirt path, but if you take the stairs, it will also take you to the beach.

It was a beautiful day, and even though there was a haze that blanketed the horizon, we were really glad we came out there. Next time I come here to take pictures, I'll definitely come back.

We **almost** thought about taking it easy and getting a makeover at Macy's. That will be another day. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

#HumpDayHaiku de febrero

Hump Day Haikus continue!

February 4th:

February 11th:

February 18th:

February 25th:

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January's Hump Day Haikus

I'm an avid consumer of instagram. You can find me here:VoIsMe

I am a huge fan of several artists and poets, and when I started writing haikus earlier last year, I came across sketchkuproject and was completely inspired.

So, in all my inspiration, I'm starting Hump Day Haikus. Each Wednesday in 2015, I will be posting a haiku with a sketch.

I've told my co-worker about it and she started sending me some randomly as well, so don't be surprised if I have guest haiku writers on here! I'm going to break the posts down by month on this blog so stay tuned!

January 7th:

January 14th:

Guest illustrator and fellow creative: Tasi Orr (she's much more creative than I am, but I'm latching on so that some of it can rub off on me!)

January 21st:

January 28th: 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 5: Write a 20-line poem about a memorable moment in your life.

Image from

We arrived in the dead of night.
I could not see any street sign that was supposed to be in sight.
Smart phones were not prevalent during those days.
And my friend was patient even when I took us in the wrong ways.
We checked into the hotel room and were in a happy state.
We had finally arrived in the Grand Canyon State.
We had a full week off from work, 
and were so happy we wanted to twerk!
We decided to take a road trip not too far from home
But far enough away that we could roam.
In the morning, we dressed up warm
Being from California, you'd think it was a massive snow storm.
 My friend had been here before
I had no idea what was in store
To my surprise and utter delight
I opened the door and saw an amazing sight!
From all sides we saw a landscape of Red Rocks
The scenery was so beautiful it nearly knocked off my socks!
Sometimes it's great to be ignorant of the destination
Especially when there is such awesome visual stimulation.

November 2 - I'm behind on my assignments! And NaNoWriMo has started, and I'm behind on that too. So, I'll pick this back up after I move and after I make some progress with my short story collection. 

I was a bit ambitious and now I just need to prioritize. 

As Arnold, as Terminator said,... "I'll be back..."

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 4: Write a letter to an agent telling her how wonderful you are.

Dear Agent,

As an aspiring writer, I'm here to tell you a little about myself and include some random fun pictures and drawings.

Recently, I've been able to select several values that represent who I am. In no particular order...

Loyalty - I believe that being loyal comes from suffering great disappointment in life. When people you trust and love let you down, you don't ever want anyone else you care about to experience that same helplessness and loneliness. I know we've all had our share of disappointment, and it has shaped how we develop and maintain our relationships. Once I care about someone, I am a great source of support and have an abundance of silver linings.

Diversity - I've been a minority as a youth as well as an adult. When I was a child, I didn't know any better. All I knew was that I didn't ever feel like I belonged or fit in until I was in an environment that had other kids like me, second generation Asian American. I'm incredibly empathetic. Sometimes I wish I could stop myself at the sympathetic line, but more often than not, I cross it. I like to find similarities with people and celebrate all the ways we are also unique.

Collaboration - I'm a people person, most of the time. If given the chance to work with a great team with amazing people, I'll take that any day over working alone. (If the team sucks, call me a hermit and leave me be...) I gain energy from people and enjoy trying to understand their points of view.

Relationships - People are important to me. If I were a parent, I'm sure this would word would have been "parenting". I chose this instead of "love" or "partner" because I really appreciate the bonds that I have with my family, my friends, my friends' kids, and even random adorable friendly puppies or dogs.

Persistence - I have very little inherent talent. But I am sure as heck persistent. While it is true that social media has made it easier to keep in touch with people, most of my good friends don't have Facebook accounts, can't tell you if you twit or tweet on twitter and most definitely don't share pictures on instagram. I maintain these relationships because I care about these people and make sure that I check in on them every so often, even if I don't always get a reply.

Authenticity - What you see if mostly what you get. I can't always disclose everything I'm thinking because if I did, in a very candid way, I wouldn't have any friends. That would make me one sad person. I don't need a ton of friends. I just need a few really good ones. I'm lucky, though. I have more than just a few good friends. Most of my good friends, I consider family.  I appreciate people are who real and can be vulnerable enough to show me who they really are. None of us are perfect, and as long as I believe they have a good heart, a few mistakes or episodes of bad judgment will not deter me from maintaining relationships with them. (If it's more than a few, then that might be a different story.)

As I continue to write, I'm sure many of these themes will arise. After all this is what I know and what I strive for in life.

I'm excited about my journey, and I hope that you'll take a chance on me and be a part of it.

Best regards,